arve henriksen

Eg gjekk ned til denne fjorden

Kjartan Hatløy tekstlesing, reading his own poetry
Arve Henriksen trompet, stemme / voice elektronikk / electronics
Erlend Apneseth hardingfele / Hardanger fiddle
Anna Maria Friman stemme / voice
  • First audio release of this fantastic norwegian poet
  • First time collaboration between the two artists
  • New composed music for this setting
  • Featuring Anna Maria Friman (voice) and Erlend Apneseth (hardanger fiddle)
  • First release on Arve Music
Now available digital download:  Download here 

Coming releases 2017:
February 2017 
Collaboration with Trio Mediaveal 
on ECM
April 28th 2017  
Solo album
June 2017 
Album with Chris Mapp
October 2017 
Duo album with Terje Isungset

Other recent RELEASES:

Released on ArveMusic 21st ofNovember 2016: 
Collaboration with poet Kjartan Hatløy 
Photos by Oddleiv Apneseth
Released on Smalltown Supersound 
on the 30th of September 2016:  
Supersilent 13
Released on ECM on the 2nd of September 2016: 
Atmospheres with Tigran Hamasyan,
Eivind Aarset and Jan Bang
Released in September 2016
Phil Clemo Dream Maps

Released on ECM in August 2016:  
Sinikka Langeland The Magical Forest
Released on Mengi Records 
on the 5th of June 2016:
Trio collaboration " Saumur " 
with Hilmar Jensson and Skuli Sverrisson

Released on Rat Records 15th of May 2016: 
"Lomahongva" Warped Dreamer
Released on Losen Records Nov 2015:
Ellen Bødtker: "Sommeren der ute"
with Ellen Bødtker, Jan Erik Vold and Eirik Raude

Terje Isungset "Meditations"

New Release on Isungset´s All Ice Records. 


World of Glass is a recording where all instruments are made out of glass. 15 glass artists worked on creating instruments for two years and the result is a completely new world of sounds, art & music - melted together in one expression. And there are some delightfully unexpected glass sounds featured on this recording...

Arve Henriksen: glass horns / Terje Isungset: glass percussion.

Available on itunes and Spotify from the 22nd of October 2014
Release Concert in Umeå on the 24th of October