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The Nature of Connections

                Released 22nd of August 2014




RCD2161 - Arve Henriksen: The Nature Of Connections (CD/LP)

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The nature of connections
By Arve Henriksen 

I discovered the title for this album in a book about chairs and the making of furniture. In the introduction to the book the author mentioned the complexity of making a chair and all the pepole involved in the process. The high quality on the different fields and the wide range of professions that after a long process turnes into a product can easily be compared to the process of making this record. Yes, of course, this is a simple and easy way to describe how this album came along, but nevertheless the conglomerate of small components and years and years of fine tuning of details that finally meets through the handcraft by these musicians, technicians, and others in this chain is nothing less than fascinating. And, the combination of this group of musicians that after years where brought together is also, to me, a very interesting journey. I have for many years had the plan to make an album with a string quartet. The traditional combination of stringplayers was the original idea, but I never got fully convinced that was the right sound or combination I was looking for. Many years passed and the sound of this remained in silence, until I was invited by Nina Hurum at Rikskonsertene in Oslo to put together a constellation of musicians for a tour in Norway. This carte blanche invitation brought fire to the old string quartet idea, and after almost ten years of waiting it was quite easy for me to invite Gjermund, Nils, Svante and Mats. The nature of connections with these handfull of highly skilled and loving people goes way back to when I played with them in different constellations such as Jon Balke Magnetic North Orchestra, Trygve Seim Ensemble, Food and Christian Wallumrød Ensemble. The two weeks tour we did together became a memorable journey for all of us. Audun Kleive joined in on several concerts and even came with us in Rainbow Studio where Jan Erik Kongshaug did an excellent job as usual. I am very excited to present this album.


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Trio collaboration " Saumur "
with Hilmar Jensson and Skuli Sverrisson
Ellen Bødtker: "Sommeren der ute"
with Ellen Bødtker, Jan Erik Vold and Eirik Raude
Collaboration with poet Kjartan Hatløy
Photos by Oddleiv Apneseth
Next Solo album to be released in April 2016

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World of Glass is a recording where all instruments are made out of glass. 15 glass artists worked on creating instruments for two years and the result is a completely new world of sounds, art & music - melted together in one expression. And there are some delightfully unexpected glass sounds featured on this recording...

Arve Henriksen: glass horns / Terje Isungset: glass percussion.

Available on itunes and Spotify from the 22nd of October 2014
Release Concert in Umeå on the 24th of October